My Top Tips for getting your home sale-ready!

My Top Tips for getting your home sale-ready!

top tips for getting your home sale-ready

If you’re considering placing your home on the market this Spring, now is a good time to be thinking about what you’ll need to do in order to make your place sale-ready.  Check out my Top Tips below to make the most of your property and ensure it stands out from the crowd! 



 1.  Work on your Kerb Appeal 


The exterior of your property, in particular the front of your house, must look as inviting as possible – after all, it will be both the first impression of your home and the last thing potential buyers see when they’re leaving and also, the photo of the front of your property online will be key to getting people to click further to read the rest of the details. 

  • Tidy the garden; cut back overgrown shrubs, mow the lawn and remove weeds from beds, driveway and paths. Tidy away bins, bikes and children’s toys. 
  • It’s worth putting in some elbow grease to ensure that windows and frames are clean. Check too that curtains and blinds are hung neatly and that windowsills are free of clutter. 
  • Do move cars from the driveway! You’re selling a house not a car! You’d be surprised how often photos are marred by vehicles blocking the house frontage! 
  • The property name or number should be clearly visible from the road and the paintwork in tip top condition – if necessary repaint or varnish your windows and front door, in keeping with the style of your property. 
  • Adding some colourful seasonal plants in pots or hanging baskets by the front door ensures a warm welcome.  Don’t forget the back garden – it’s seen as an additional room. Make it feel like a great entertaining or relaxing space with a table and chairs and a few potted plants on the terrace.


  2.  Declutter and Depersonalise. 


Clutter makes a house look smaller, and if you have a small house it makes it feel claustrophobic, which is not advantageous to a quick or profitable sale.  

  • Ensure all your rooms are tidy, neutral and attractive.  
  • Clear the decks and get a head start on packing and begin boxing up extras that are taking up space.  Throw away, donate or sell excess possessions.  
  • Contents of cupboards and wardrobes should be tidy and not overstuffed – yes, buyers will look!  Adequate storage is essential, buyers want to see space, so have a clear out and don’t give your buyers the idea that there’s not enough storage! 
  • Think show home style.  In the bathroom – declutter the surfaces and have only a few select toiletries and maybe a healthy plant on display.  It’s well worth investing in new towels that you keep solely for viewings  – use colour coordinated accessories for the finishing touch.


3.  Clean and make repairs


When you are preparing to sell your house, thorough cleaning from top to bottom is a must. If you are unable to undertake this yourself consider bringing in the professionals.  

  • Seriously consider every surface in your home  especially walls and floors. A distinctive, individual style or strong colours could put buyers off.  
  • A fresh coat of paint is a simple, inexpensive remedy.  Neutral walls with coordinating accessories have universal appeal. 
  • Do check the state of your carpets too –  have them professionally cleaned if they need it and if they’re past their sell by date, threadbare or stained, then you should consider replacing them.  
  • Make repairs!  Flaws need to be identified – a buyer will fixate on any small detail e.g. a broken window pane, dirty grout or mould, dirty oven, window openers that don’t …the list goes on!   These will all end up as leverage to negotiate your asking price down to their desired purchase price. 


5. Make sure your home passes the ‘sniff test’!


Pet smells (cigarette and cooking smells) have a negative effect on most people!  If you have pets, make sure that during the time your home is on the market you are particularly fastidious in cleaning up after them!

  • Give the pooch a bath and do air your rooms by opening the windows.  
  • It’s a good idea too, to take the dog for a walk on viewing days – not all people are pet lovers! 
  • Do avoid cooking anything with a strong smell that is likely to linger! A quick spritz of a natural freshener or a scented candle will help.



6.  Setting the Scene and the Power of Photography



Don’t forget those all important finishing touches! 

  • Set the scene for photos and viewings with flowers in vases, fruit in bowls and consider setting a table with a tray holding cups and a pot of tea or coffee, or perhaps the garden table with a bottle of wine and glasses.
  • Don’t forget your lighting – use accent lighting, table lamps, wall lights and candles to create atmosphere for viewings, especially on dark days. Don’t over do it though! – Its generally, best to leave overhead lights off unless they’re on dimmer switches.



One of the most critical aspects—and often neglected and overlooked by sellers and some estate agents—is the power of photography. 

Do ensure your photos are up to scratch – they need to be taken from the best angles and must be in focus so that your property is shown at its best.  Photographing a home in its best possible light is crucial to creating maximum traffic to your listing.  Adding lifestyle images to your marketing can really work too!  If your estate agent can’t do a good job, employ a professional – it’ll be worth it!  I can help you style your rooms and take photos too!


7.  Choose your Estate Agent carefully!

Find out how and where your agent intends to market your property, make sure they are knowledgeable, locally active and you have a good rapport with them.



P.S. Sanderson Estate Agents do a sterling job in North Wales! 


8.  Disassociate yourself from your home

Let go of your emotions and focus on the fact that this house will no longer be yours. Mentally move out and think about the positive aspects of your own move.  Remember the adage that you are selling a lifestyle and not just a home.


Disassociate yourself from your home


Give yourself the best possible chance of selling quickly for the price you want.  Take the time to prepare your home properly for sale so that it will appeal to the maximum number of potential viewers.   If you don’t have the time or the eye to complete the work yourself, do contact me at