Welcome to my Studio!

My studio is a lovely light space with a view across the garden and surrounding countryside.  To view a selection of what I make and to find out about my processes, please see below.    For currently available work please see my Gallery and  Shop pages.

Two Apples

Mixed media paintings

Working  in acrylics with mixed media I like painting realistic and semi abstract land and seascapes, as well as still life images. 

Celadon Vessel

Woven Fibre Vessels and Natural Treasures

I weave vessels from interesting fibres such as banana silk, paper string or linen thread and often incorporate natural elements such as dried flowers, feathers or shells.  I also make wall hangings with found natural treasures.

Botanical Plaster Casts

My botanical impressions preserve textures and patterns of plant life in wonderful detail. To make them I arrange and then press plants, leaves and flowers gathered from my  garden or surrounding countryside, into clay. When these are removed the remaining impression is filled with fine plaster and the subsequent cast reveals the beautiful flowers and leaves in delicate relief. I sometimes paint the backgrounds, giving a cameo effect and others are decorated with insects – these trompe l’oeil additions are hand painted in watercolour.

artists book

Handmade Books and Cards

I love making things with paper – from  simple folded books to more complicated stitched and bound books, often incorporating  my own prints, paintings or  drawings and pressed flowers.   I collect decorative paper and fold origami butterflies for cards and envelopes.


I make monoprints and monotypes with botanical or abstract themes.  What’s the difference?  Essentially, a monoprint will have a matrix – the physical surface from which an image is printed i.e. linocut or  collagraph plate, that can be reused several times to create prints, whereas a monotype is a one off printed image  and does not have this reusable matrix.

Dog Rose

Watercolour paintings & Illustrations

Flora and fauna are my favourite subjects to paint with watercolour. I often use a gessoed surface for  added texture and unpredicability!